In order for your test to be a high quality examination, it is important that you and your bowel be properly prepared. If you are not well prepared, the test may need to be cancelled or repeated.
Please follow the instructions below carefully.


  1. BiPeglyte Kit - available over-the-counter at most drugstores
  2. No nuts, seeds, or skins one week before the test
  3. All liquid diet one day before the test
  4. Someone to drive you home after the test
  5. Health card


* Avoid foods with nuts, seeds, or skins (no multigrain bread, tomatoes, strawberries, beans, etc.).

* Stop any iron supplements. You should continue your other prescription medications.


* NO SOLID FOOD. Clear fluids only.

* No RED liquids - red stains the colon and cannot be distinguished from blood

Acceptable Fluids

Clear fluids include chicken/vegetable broth, clear tea (no milk), ginger ale, apple juice, Jell-O, Sprite, etc. You may drink blue, yellow or green-coloured PowerAde or Gatorade.

All laxatives can cause dehydration so it is important to drink plenty of liquids that have some salt/electrolytes in them like chicken/vegetable broth, Gatorade, and PowerAde.
Do NOT just drink plain water.

* BiPeglyte Kit

The day before the test - in the morning

* Take one Bisacodyl tablet

The day before the test - in the evening (around 6pm)

* Take a second Bisacodyl tablet (you will have one extra)

* Prepare the first dose of laxative by adding one litre (32 oz) of cold water to one pouch of BiPeglyte. Stir well.

* Drink one glass every ten minutes until you have finished it. It usually takes one to two hours before you have your first bowel motion. Gravol may be taken if you feel nauseous while taking the laxatives.


  • NO SOLID FOOD. Clear fluids only.
  • Drink the second dose of the BiPeglyte 4 to 6 hours before your test, as you did the night before. You may have to get up very early to do this but it is important as it will give the best results.
  • Stop all fluids 2 hours before the test. This includes no smoking, no mints/candy and no chewing gum.

Do not take any insulin, sugar-lowering tablets, or water pills the morning of the test. You can restart these medications after the test.

You can take your other prescription medications, including blood pressure pills, with a sip of water in the morning.

  • The BiPeglyte Kit is covered by some drug plans. Prescriptions are available upon request.
  • If you are on blood thinners, check with your doctor for further instructions as to if and when they need to be stopped.
  • If you are on Aspirin you can continue to take it.
  • If you have had difficulty taking BiPeglyte in the past, or if you cannot find it in your neighbourhood drugstore, alternate laxatives include Pico Salax, Purgodan, or Moviprep.
  • After the test is over you can resume eating normally.

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