Having Your Colonoscopy at SCOPE Clinic

SCOPE (Screening Centre for Out-patient Endoscopy) clinic was established in January 2008 to increase patient access to screening colonoscopy. We hope that this initiative will increase the awareness of colon cancer and enhance the early detection of pre-cancerous polyps. At SCOPE clinic, we aim to provide a high standard of patient care and comfort:

  • Certified Gastroenterologists (who are trained specifically in the area of colonoscopy) perform all procedures
  • Certified Anesthesiologists provide deep sedation during colonoscopy
  • About 100 colonoscopies are performed each week
  • Patients are not charged a fee for the procedure
  • Free parking is readily available to all patients

Screening colonoscopy is an important test for everyone and SCOPE Clinic endeavors to make it an accurate, safe, and pleasant experience. If you have any questions, please contact us.


SCOPE Clinic Doctors